Innovative Approach to Ore Grade Reconciliation

Project Info

Lead Researcher(s)


Dr. Rajive Ganguli (UAF)

Project Dates


Project Location



Erdenet Mining Corporation (EMC)

National University of Mongolia (NUM)

Award Amount: 

$ 232,177.00

Project Summary

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will work with Erdenet Mining Corporation (EMC) and the National University of Mongolia (NUM) to examine the reasons behind discrepancies observed between mine grade data and mill grade data. The innovative approach will use stabilization of ore flow quality using artificial neural networks.

  • Mineral Industry Research Laboratory (MIRL)
  • Duckering Building
  • 1760 Tanana Loop
  • PO Box 75 5800
  • Fairbanks, AK 99775-5800, USA