MIRL Director

Tathagata Ghosh, Ph.D., Mining Engineering
(907) 474-6917
Duckering 317


MIRL History

The Mineral Industry Research Laboratory (MIRL) was established at the University of Alaska Fairbanks by the 1963 Alaska Legislature for the purpose of conducting basic and applied research to aid in the development of Alaska’s mineral and energy resources.

MIRL Research

MIRL’s research activities, devoted to finding, developing and utilizing Alaska’s minerals include, but are not limited to, the following study areas: Improved exploration methods, new resource development, mining in frozen ground, surface coal mining in the Arctic, mine and mill design, mineral processing engineering, use of radiotracer techniques in placer gold recovery, hydrometallurgical and electrochemical processes for heap leaching of gold ores in the Arctic and sub Arctic, coal characterization and beneficiation, coal utilization, coal-water fuel production, mineral market evaluations, and environmental concerns associated with mining and metallurgy.